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像窗帘这类的东西我相信大家并不陌生吧?可以说是家喻户晓的物件。在一些办公室,玻璃遮阳板通常用于百叶帘,另一个是空心铝折叠玻璃遮阳板。这些窗帘拥有漂亮的印花,展现出室内装饰的风格,让我们来谈谈这些印花是如何用UV打印机实现的。(英:I'm sure you're familiar with things like curtains, right? Can be said to be household items. In some offices, glass sunshades are commonly used for blinds, and another is a hollow aluminum folding glass sunshade. These curtains have a beautiful print, showing the interior decoration style, let's talk about how these prints are achieved with a UV printer.)


(英:(1) the type of printers or machines used for most fabrics that directly spray heat transfer, as well as stretchable louvers, is a UV flat panel printer. The Venetian blind is a piece of nylon stitched together. Once spliced, the semi-finished product is placed on a flat-bed UV printer by printing digital ink jet and printed on the upper surface of the personalized pattern, and then the edge strips are connected and removed.)


  (2)之前色印刷遮阳中空玻璃折叠铝一般较大,色彩鲜艳,使用丝网印刷,这需要时间。最近,我们采用了一种新的工艺,用数字UV线圈打印机打印铝制中空折叠玻璃遮阳板。它可以随时用图像打印,并且可以连续播放而不会中断。由于该材料可以伸展和弯曲,并具有一定的厚度,我们的技术研究和开发将扩大小头,而球队本身将配备一开卷装置联动三条杠,前为配备三杆拉直和卷绕装置。这可以完全打印伞中空折叠玻璃铝,未做电影,节省时间和打印高质量的HD,在室内使用和室外是彩色的防晒不透明存储时间在外面是5年多,所需的一平方米成本仅在3-8元之间。(英:(2) before color printing sunshade insulating glass folding aluminum is generally large, bright colors, the use of screen printing, which takes time. Recently, we introduced a new process for printing aluminum hollow folded glass sunshades using a digital UV coil printer. It can be printed with images at any time and can be played continuously without interruption. Since the material can be stretched and bent and has a certain thickness, our technical research and development will expand the small head, while the team itself will be equipped with an uncoiling device with three linkage bars, and a three-bar straightening and winding device for the front. This can completely print umbrella hollow folding glass aluminum, did not make the movie, save time and print high quality HD, in the indoor use and outdoor is color sunscreen opaque storage time in the outside is more than 5 years, the required cost of a square meter is only between 3-8 yuan.

  目前,市场上最常见的是用于布帘和UV平板打印机的百叶帘。然而,该数字打印机UV线圈的情况并不少见牛津布,无纺布和中空折叠雨伞的材料,但也可以用于印刷壁玻璃8d和广告显示用于墙纸家居装饰壁纸。因此,带有卷帘的防晒UV印刷也可以被视为一个启动项目。(英:At present, the most common on the market is used for drapery and UV flat screen printer shutter. However, the case of the digital printer's UV coils is not uncommon for Oxford cloth, non-woven cloth and hollow folding umbrella materials, but it can also be used for printing wall glass 8d and advertising display wallpapers for home decoration wallpapers. Therefore, UV printing with roll-up screens can also be considered a starter project.)

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